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PMB potholes

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PMB potholes is a not-for-profit initiative started in Oak Park, Pietermaritzburg. The initiative was started by Paul (in the red shirt) after deciding one Sunday afternoon in 2020 to fix a pesky pothole on his own street. Since then the initiative has grown. 

In 2020 PMB potholes started collecting support (R40 monthly debit orders) from the Oakpark and Ferncliffe residents to continue his efforts throughout the suburb.


In early 2022 other wards within Pietermaritzburg wanted to have their streets patched up as well - which is why this website exists. 

The idea is, if the contribution stays at R40 per month, (as it has done for the past 3 years), and the number of contributors grows, the result can be very powerful.

For example, 1000 contributors @ R40 per month each, amounts to R40 000 per month.

This would allow for a truck on the road twice a week.


What do we do with your support?

We get things done

Currently, the initiative is run only on weekends and covers wards 25 and 26. You can see our work in Ferncliffe, Oakpark, and upper Town Bush road.

Shown below is a pothole we fixed on the corner of Town Bush Road and Warwick Road.

We would like to expand our operations to cover more of this area and to work on wards other than 25 and 26. The money that we collect goes into the following; 

  • Labour

  • Equipment

  • Consumables; cold tar, bitumen, sundries.

If you would like to make a difference in Pietermaritzburg, support our efforts. 

What PMB potholes des


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